Ohm Pawat and Leng Thanaphon to Star in the New GMMTV BL Series 'Kidnap The Series'

Ohm Pawat and Leng Thanaphon to be Paired in the New GMMTV BL Series 'Kidnap The Series'

Ohm Pawat, a talented actor in the BL genre, will once again captivate his fans with his role in the new GMMTV BL series titled "Kidnap." In this production, he will share the screen with a new GMMTV talent, Leng Thanaphon.

The story of "Kidnap the series" narrates a unique and unexpected tale. The main character, Min, portrayed by Ohm, finds himself in a difficult situation. He becomes a kidnapper with a noble goal, which is to raise money for the treatment of his sick younger brother. However, fate takes him down an unforeseen path when he becomes responsible for the life of a wealthy child, whom we refer to as Leng.

Rather than carrying out the actions that would typically end Leng's life, Min decides to protect and save Leng from the impending danger. This decision leads them on an unexpected journey where Min must hide Leng and opts to have them both live together in his home.

Upon learning the true reason behind the kidnapping, Leng is moved to help Min. He offers a bold solution, which is for Min to demand a ransom from his father to assist in his younger brother's medical treatment.

With various secrets unraveling and an increasingly complicated situation, these two characters grow closer to each other. However, another issue arises when Min discovers that Leng suffers from a potentially dangerous sleepwalking disorder. To prevent any harm, Min makes an extraordinary decision: they will sleep together with their hands bound, so Leng cannot sleepwalk.

In their tension-filled and secretive journey, love starts to blossom between Min and Leng. Yet, the looming question is how long they can conceal this reality and ensure the safety of everyone they love.

"Kidnap" is a captivating story of love, sacrifice, and the battle against fate that will captivate audiences and BL fans. In an atmosphere filled with tension and mystery, Min and Leng will take the audience on an emotional and surprising journey.



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