Takumi Kizu & Rintaro Hachimura to Star in Live-Action Adaptation of Sahara-sensei & Toki-kun

Takumi Kizu & Rintaro Hachimura to Star in Live-Action Adaptation of Sahara-sensei & Toki-kun

Takumi Kizu and Rintaro Hachimura (WATWING) are reported to star in the Boys Love manga adaptation 'Sahara-sensei & Toki-kun.' This adaptation will premiere on November 30, 2023, in Japan.

Kizu will play the role of Mr. Sahara, a physical education teacher at a high school. Hachimura will play the role of Toki-kun, a troubled yet gentle student.

The manga 'Sahara-sensei & Toki-kun' by Toriya Kou has been published in Japan since 2019 and has six volumes.


1. Mr. Sahara (Portrayed by Takumi Kizu): Takumi Kizu & Rintaro Hachimura to Star in Live-Action Adaptation of Sahara-sensei & Toki-kun

Mr. Sahara is a physical education teacher and also the homeroom teacher of Toki-Kun, portrayed by Takumi Kizu. He appears to be different from the stereotypical strict and authoritarian teacher. Sahara pays special attention to Toki-Kun, a yankee who often gets into fights. He seems to have a deeper understanding of Toki-Kun than what meets the eye. Sahara is someone who emphasizes the importance of looking at what's inside a person's heart rather than just judging their physical appearance. His role in the story is to guide and understand Toki-Kun and try to stop his aggressive behavior.

2. Toki-Kun (Portrayed by Rintaro Hachimura): Takumi Kizu & Rintaro Hachimura to Star in Live-Action Adaptation of Sahara-sensei & Toki-kun

Toki-Kun, portrayed by Rintaro Hachimura, is the main character. He is a yankee who often gets into fights, and his rough appearance might make him seem like a difficult kid. However, beneath his rough exterior, Toki-Kun is actually a gentle young man. He holds special feelings for Mr. Sahara, his physical education teacher and homeroom teacher, whom he finds very beautiful. Toki-Kun is a character who is trying to change his behavior, stop fighting, and learn more about himself. His relationship with Sahara creates conflict in the story, as they have different personalities.


Toki-Kun is a yankee who often gets into fights. But despite his appearance, he is actually a gentle guy. He gains favor with Mr. Sahara, who is not only a physical education teacher but his homeroom teacher. The story is a romantic comedy filled with conflicts between two contrasting personalities, and it keeps our hearts pounding!

Every day, Toki thinks about how he gets into fights and gets scolded over and over again. His first impression of Sahara was that he was a weird guy. A second-year student, Toki states he does not like being the center of attention despite him being that. The reason Toki has been coming to school is that he wants to see Sahara, whom he has noted is very pretty. Having been observing him, Toki wants to know more about him. Resolving to be good and go to school, Toki also intends to work hard at his studies and stop fighting.

Requesting that teachers entrust Toki to him, Sahara notes he was being scolded one-sidedly. Saying how fighting is bad, Sahara thinks though it is unfair to get angry with someone without hearing their reason. Pleased to greet Toki, he is then startled at seeing a wound he has. Wondering whether such wounds are medals between men, Sahara states they are not cool and Toki should treasure his body more. Then noting how these days that Toki never comes late to school, Sahara ruffles his hair as he tells him great job. Warned that Toki is violent, Sahara tells students to not just see something on the surface but also pay attention to what is inside. Pursuing Toki and catching him, Sahara says he keeps getting injured so no more fights.

About the Actors

Takimu Kizu

Takumi Kizu is a Japanese actor known in the entertainment industry. He was born with the name Ryo Tanaka on April 13, 1997. Takumi Kizu is best known for his role in the television series "Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger," which is part of the Super Sentai franchise, a popular tokusatsu (costumed hero series) genre in Japan.

His acting debut occurred in the series "Lucky Shishi Red" in "Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger" in 2017, which was the Super Sentai series for that year. The series is a part of a long-popular franchise in Japan, following the adventures of costumed heroes protecting the world from evil.

Rintaro Hachimura

Rintaro Hachimura is a Japanese artist and singer born on July 28, 1999, in Kanagawa, Japan. Rintaro Hachimura is a member of the Japanese boy band "WATWING."

Aside from being a member of WATWING, Rintaro Hachimura has been involved in other music projects, such as being a part of 8LOOM, a group formed specifically for the drama "Kimi no Hana ni Naru," where he portrayed the character Ichinose Eiji.


  • Number of Episodes: 8 episodes
  • Adaptation: Based on the work by Ko Toriya, "Sahara-sensei & Toki-kun" (Seri MFC ジーンピクシブ / Published by KADOKAWA)
  • Cast: Portrayed by Takumi Kizu and Rintaro Hachimura (WATWING)
  • Script and Concept: Compiled and written by Miurayuki
  • Script: Written by Taku Narahara, Rika Kimihara, Kanon Murakami
  • Music Composer: Music by Koji Endo
  • Director: Directed by Keisuke Shibata
  • Production: Produced by Video Planning
  • Producers: Produced by the "Sahara-sensei & Toki-kun Production Committee" and MBS

Air Date Information

The drama "Sahara-sensei & Toki-kun" will air on multiple channels in Japan. Below is the schedule and channels for the broadcast of the drama:

1. MBS (毎日放送):
Starts from November 30, 2023, every Thursday at 1:29 AM.
2. テレビ神奈川 (TV Kanagawa):
Starts from November 30, 2023, every Thursday at 1:00 AM.
3. 群馬テレビ (Gunma TV):
Starts from December 5, 2023, every Tuesday at 12:30 AM.
4. とちテレ (Tochigi TV):
Starts from December 6, 2023, every Wednesday at 1:00 AM.
5. テレ玉 (TV Saitama):
Starts from December 7, 2023, every Thursday at 11:00 PM.
6. チバテレ (Chiba TV):
Starts from December 7, 2023, every Thursday at 11:00 PM.


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