Until You #เรียกแด๊ดสิธาร: Popular BL Novel to be Adapted into a Series 'Your Dear Daddy'

Novel Karya CEO 'Until You #เรียกแด๊ดสิธาร' Akan Diadaptasi Menjadi Series BL 'Your Dear Daddy'

Popular BL novel by the CEO, 'Until You #เรียกแด๊ดสิธาร,' is set to be adapted into a BL series. This was announced by the production team 'DIFF.ENT' on their Twitter account @yourdeardaddyth on November 2, 2023.

CEO is the pen name of the novel's author, and the CEO's previous novel 'ดับแสงรวี' has been adapted into a feature film titled 'After Sundown,' starring Zee Pruk and Nunew Chawarin.

"Your Dear Daddy" portrays Saitharn Wattanawanich, a young man with bitter experiences in love and relationships. He never imagines finding someone who genuinely loves him easily. For Saitharn, finding 'the one' might not even be a reality. One day, during a vacation, he meets Sila Wongwatcharaphaisal, the owner of a hotel and Phu Saeng Dao Farm, who swiftly becomes his lender, boss, and bed partner! Through this newly formed friendship, their lives and hearts will change... for the better.

As of now, there's no further information regarding the airing schedule of the BL series 'Your Dear Daddy'.

The news of adapting the novel 'Your Dear Daddy' into a BL series has been warmly received by fans of the novel. They hope that the series lives up to their expectations and is well-adapted.


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