5 Must-Watch Undiscovered Hong Kong BL Dramas

5 Must-Watch Undiscovered Hong Kong BL Dramas

The world of BL dramas is vast and ever-expanding, with new titles being released all the time. While many of the most popular BL dramas come from Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea, there are also a number of great BL dramas being produced in Hong Kong.

If you're looking for something a little different from the usual BL fare, then you should definitely check out some of these lesser-known Hong Kong BL dramas. They offer a unique perspective on love and relationships, and they're sure to leave you entertained and emotionally moved.

Here are five recommended Hong Kong BL dramas that you should watch:

5.My Colleague at BL Shop Might be the Meant-to-be (2023).

5 Must-Watch Undiscovered Hong Kong BL Dramas Watch Here

This charming Hong Kong web series offers a glimpse into the lives of two colleagues working at a BL bookstore. Spanning just 3 episodes, each under 10 minutes, it's a quick and breezy watch perfect for those wanting a lighthearted BL fix.

The story is about two guys, Ah Yao and Cheng Zi, who work at a BL book cafe. There are a lot of cute and sweet moments between them, but unfortunately, the story is a bit rushed and feels incomplete.

Despite that, the drama is still interesting because of its unique setting, which is a BL bookstore. I also liked the message that it sends about the importance of respect for everyone, regardless of gender.

Overall, "My Colleague at BL Shop Might Be the Meant-to-be" is a pretty entertaining drama, even though the story is a bit shallow. If you're curious, you can check it out on YouTube!

4. The Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name (2021).

5 Must-Watch Undiscovered Hong Kong BL Dramas Watch Here

The Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name is a short Hong Kong BL drama that aired in 2021. The drama tells the story of two young men who fall in love, but must hide their relationship due to social factors.

The drama has strengths in terms of good writing and acting. The script successfully conveys the complexity of the characters' emotions without relying on excessive dialogue. The acting of the cast members is also able to bring their characters to life well. In addition, the drama also has attractive visuals and a unique nonlinear storytelling.

However, the drama also has some weaknesses, namely its short format, very short, they only have 5 minutes per episode and the use of coffee metaphors that may be considered excessive by some viewers.

Overall, "The Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name" is a touching and beautiful drama. The drama offers a story of first love and self-discovery that resonates with viewers looking for a touching and visually captivating experience.

3. I'm a Fool for You (2021)

5 Must-Watch Undiscovered Hong Kong BL Dramas Watch Here

I'm a Fool for You is a Hong Kong BL drama that spans three seasons, each with only four short episodes. Despite its amateurish beginning, the series gradually improves in terms of production value, acting, and storytelling. However, the short episodes create a fast-paced narrative that can be confusing at times.

The story follows three high school friends who reunite after five years. Hin, a beautiful boy with dreams of becoming an idol, is at the center of the story. Hugo, his best friend, is secretly in love with him, but Hin rejects him because he doesn't believe in lasting love. The first season focuses on their complex relationship, with Yiu, another friend from school, entering the picture later.

The second season introduces new characters, including Hugo's flatmate Victor and Hin's BFF Cory. It delves deeper into Hugo's past, revealing his love confession to Hin and the subsequent rejection. We also see more of Hin's selfish and narcissistic tendencies.

The third season takes place years later. Hugo, depressed from Hin's rejection and abandonment, attempts suicide. Meanwhile, Hin returns from Taiwan, having failed to achieve his musical dreams. He works as a server in a bar, where he meets Tony and his twin, Oliver. This season focuses on Hugo's self-discovery and journey towards a healthy relationship with Oliver.

The series explores themes of unrequited love, obsession, and finding self-worth. While the acting and production value improve over time, the short episodes and confusing editing can make the story difficult to follow. The confusing timelines and lack of character development leave the audience with more questions than answers.

Overall, I'm a Fool for You is a decent watch for fans of short BL dramas, but those looking for a more developed story and well-rounded characters may be disappointed. The series has potential, but it needs more time and resources to fully explore its characters and themes.

2. Ossan's Love (2021)

5 Must-Watch Undiscovered Hong Kong BL Dramas Watch Free

Ossan's Love, a Hong Kong BL drama adaptation of the Japanese film of the same name, is a mixed bag of comedic hijinks, emotional moments, and some questionable storytelling choices. While it boasts a talented cast and a faithful adaptation of the original storyline, the overuse of slapstick humor and the portrayal of the older character detract from its potential.

The drama's biggest strength lies in its humor. Fans of Hong Kong comedies will find themselves right at home with the series' over-the-top gags and silly situations. However, the reliance on this type of humor can feel excessive at times, overshadowing opportunities to explore deeper themes and character development.

One of the main drawbacks is the portrayal of the older boss character, KK. Depicted as a comedic figure rather than a complex individual, his actions can come across as creepy and manipulative, especially within the context of a workplace romance. This undermines the drama's potential to explore the challenges of coming out later in life.

Furthermore, some viewers might find the characters frustrating and illogical, making decisions that defy common sense. The love triangle involving three characters falling for the main character can also feel contrived and unbelievable.

Despite these issues, the drama does deliver in some areas. The endgame couple is undeniably cute, and the series features several strong and well-developed female characters, something often lacking in BL dramas. Additionally, the side couples provide heartwarming subplots.

Overall, Ossan's Love is a decent adaptation that stays true to the original story. However, its reliance on slapstick humor and the problematic portrayal of the older character hold it back from reaching its full potential. Still, it offers a lighthearted and entertaining watch with some genuinely heartwarming moments.

1. Stay Still (2023)

5 Must-Watch Undiscovered Hong Kong BL Dramas Watch Here

"Stay Still," a 5-episode Hong Kong drama, tells the intertwined stories of two couples navigating life's transitions. Despite its short runtime, the series delivers a powerful and emotional journey with strengths and weaknesses.

One of its highlights is the mature portrayal of love. The series avoids the naivety often found in BL dramas, opting for a more realistic and complex exploration of relationships. The characters, particularly Hayden and Damien, demonstrate depth and vulnerability, making their connection deeply moving.

However, the short format also presents challenges. The pacing feels rushed at times, leaving some emotional beats underdeveloped. Additionally, the two storylines, though connected thematically, feel somewhat disjointed, lacking a stronger narrative thread to bind them together.

Despite these shortcomings, "Stay Still" remains a compelling watch. The series boasts excellent cinematography, beautiful music, and solid performances, particularly from the actors portraying Archie and Hayden. The writing is also commendable, offering moments of genuine beauty and emotional impact.

Overall, "Stay Still" is a worthwhile watch for those seeking a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant drama. While its short format and uneven narrative may leave some viewers wanting more, the series offers enough captivating qualities and moments of brilliance to warrant a recommendation.
These are just a few of the many great Hong Kong BL dramas and movies that are available. With so many options to choose from, there's sure to be something for everyone.


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