Queer Love Stories That Fight Homophobia: 7 BL Dramas You Need to Watch

Queer Love Stories That Fight Homophobia: 7 BL Dramas You Need to Watch

Homophobia, a prejudice and hatred towards LGBTQ+ individuals, remains a crucial issue in various parts of the world. Amidst this harsh reality, BL (Boys' Love) dramas emerge as creative mediums that not only entertain but also combat homophobia in unique and heartfelt ways.

Here are 7 BL dramas that deserve appreciation for their contribution in fighting homophobia:

1. Light on Me (2021)

7 BL Dramas That Successfully Combat Homophobia: Inspiring and Challenging Love Stories

"Light on Me" tells the story of Tae Kyung, an 18-year-old high school student whose life has always been solitary. One day, he begins to feel like he doesn't want to be alone anymore, but he doesn't know how to make friends. His teacher suggests joining the student council. He tries, but it's not easy to make friends. He meets Shin Woo, the calm and cool vice president of the student council, but Shin Woo is a bit standoffish towards him. Luckily, there's Da On, the super cool and kind president of the student council who immediately connects with Tae Kyung. Looks like there might be some love blooming between them!

Then there's Da On's female friend who secretly (not so secretly, actually) has a crush on Da On. She becomes jealous of Tae Kyung and tries to separate them by any means, she's really cunning.

"Light on Me" is proof that simple and light BL dramas can be really exciting! One of the cool things about this drama is how it addresses homophobia. Usually, Korean BL dramas tend to avoid this topic, focusing only on the love story. But "Light on Me" dares to address homophobia, making the story more realistic. Isn't that cool? Because in Korea, there are still many homophobic people :v.

Many viewers say that "Light on Me" is one of the best BL dramas of 2021 (CAFEBL AGREES!!). The story is good, the message is received well, and the chemistry between the actors is also strong. It's really fun to watch this drama, even though the story is cliche.

2. Bed Friend (2023)

7 BL Dramas That Successfully Combat Homophobia: Inspiring and Challenging Love Stories

"Bed Friend" is an exciting drama that boldly addresses the issue of homophobia. It focuses on the love story of two main characters, Uea and King.

Uea, played brilliantly by James Supamongkon, has a dark past and experiences trauma because of his homophobic mother. This makes it difficult for him to be open about his identity. On the other hand, King, played by Net Siraphop, seems laid-back and only seeks pleasure. But behind it all, King actually harbors unrequited love and strong sexual attraction towards Uea.

Although there are some controversial scenes, such as when Uea gets drunk, the drama still shows that their relationship is based on mutual consent. "Bed Friend" provides an interesting perspective on how homophobia can affect someone's life and Uea's struggle to accept his identity.

While the drama is good at addressing homophobia issues, there are some confusing aspects for viewers. For example, Uea and King's relationship seems unbalanced. Uea even undergoes psychological tests that make King stressed. This shows that Uea may not be ready to have a healthy relationship yet.

Additionally, some "nsfw" (not safe for work) scenes are deemed excessive and do not contribute to character development.

Overall, "Bed Friend" is an interesting drama although there is room for improvement in storytelling and character development. The drama still manages to spark interesting discussions about the complexity of relationships and the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

3. Shigatsu no Tokyo wa... (2023)

7 BL Dramas That Successfully Combat Homophobia: Inspiring and Challenging Love Stories

"Shigatsu no Tokyo wa... or Tokyo in April Is... is a drama that addresses homophobia and how people struggle to confront misunderstandings and unclear relationships. It's about Kazuma, who returns from America, reunited with his high school friend, Ren, who is now a famous designer at the company where Kazuma works.

After ten years of not seeing each other, they reminisce about the past. Back then, Ren was not only Kazuma's friend but also his first love. However, Ren hides his sexual orientation out of fear of being rejected by Kazuma. Then, they meet again one night, and their relationship begins to develop.

The drama is quite interesting as it observes the daily lives of Kazuma and Ren. Two young men who were once friends, separated for ten years, and reunited. It's a story of how they rebuild their friendship and become more than that, but not without drama and sadness.

The drama also addresses serious issues like rape, workplace harassment, homophobia, and separation. However, according to CAFEBL, the actors' performances are not convincing enough, and the production is not great. Overall, the drama is good, but there are some shortcomings.

4. The Eclipse (2022)

7 BL Dramas That Successfully Combat Homophobia: Inspiring and Challenging Love Stories

"The Eclipse" is not your ordinary BL drama. This drama boldly addresses the theme of homophobia at Suppalo, an elite all-boys school known for its strict rules. It is said that there is a curse that punishes students who break the rules, and the curse becomes stronger during a solar eclipse.

But where there are rules, there are rebels. A group called "The World Remember" challenges the school's authority and demands their rights. Akk, the head of the student council, and his team are assigned to intimidate this group.

Enter Ayan, a mysterious new student who arouses Akk's suspicion because of his strange behavior and tendency to violate school norms. It turns out, Ayan is investigating who ordered his uncle, Dika, to commit suicide.

In this drama, the struggle with sexuality and the fear of self-acceptance are portrayed brilliantly. The social pressure to be "normal" and the punishment for being different are truly felt.

It's so refreshing to finally have a BL drama that seriously addresses homophobia, and not just as a side story. The performances of First and Khaotung are also commendable! They successfully portray various complex emotions perfectly.

Overall, "The Eclipse" is a captivating, inspiring, and beautiful drama. Hopefully, there will be more dramas like this in the future!

5. To Sir, With Love (2022)

7 BL Dramas That Successfully Combat Homophobia: Inspiring and Challenging Love Stories

"To Sir, With Love" is an exciting drama about the struggle against homophobia among the Chinese community. It focuses on the Jao Sua Song family, the leader of the Five Dragon Guild, who prioritizes power and masculinity. When the secret of one family member being gay is revealed, a tragedy occurs. Zhang, who came out as gay, commits suicide in front of his loved ones and leaves a curse.

When Thian, a son of the Song family, is revealed to be gay as well, he and his family face discrimination and threats from the Chinese people who do not accept their sexual orientation. But amidst the family's conflict and intrigue, there is also love and protection from characters like Bua and Yang, who remain faithful and caring towards Thian despite many obstacles.

In short, "To Sir, With Love" is a powerful story about the struggle against homophobia in a society that prioritizes masculinity and tradition. This drama shows how difficult it is for people who do not conform to norms to live and love freely. But amidst injustice and betrayal, there is also hope and loyalty from characters like Tian and Jiu, who show that true love can overcome all obstacles.

With an engaging plot and complex characters, "To Sir, With Love" is not just a romantic drama but also a reminder of the importance of fighting discrimination and upholding human rights for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.

6. I Feel You Linger in the Air (2023)

7 BL Dramas That Successfully Combat Homophobia: Inspiring and Challenging Love Stories

The story of "I Feel You Linger in the Air" is incredibly exciting, it's a masterpiece! We follow Jom, an architect who suddenly gets thrown back to the past, to Chiang Mai in the 1920s. There, he experiences how difficult it is to live as an LGBTQ+ person at that time.

Although the story is set in the past, this drama is still very relevant to today's life. We still see homophobia and social injustice everywhere. Fortunately, this drama addresses these themes in a cool and non-preachy way.

The characters are complex and their dialogues are very touching. Even the minor characters have interesting stories that make us even more touched.

The coolest thing about this drama is how it blends romantic stories with important social issues. We're not just presented with a tear-jerking love story, but also encouraged to think about human struggles, hopes, and social changes over time.

Anyway, "I Feel You Linger in the Air" is not your average drama. This drama is a must-watch for those who love non-cliché romantic stories and want to learn about important social issues.

7. Until We Meet Again (2019)

7 BL Dramas That Successfully Combat Homophobia: Inspiring and Challenging Love Stories

"Until We Meet Again" tells the story of Korn and Intouch, who have a crush on each other in Bangkok. It was in the old days, when being gay was still very taboo. Intouch really likes Korn, even though he knows Korn is the son of a famous mafia boss. At first, Korn rejects Intouch, but eventually, he melts because Intouch is cheerful and so different from him. (Still laughing when remembering how Intouch first met Korn :D).

Their relationship is not smooth. There are always trials. Intouch tries hard for their future, but Korn can't handle it and eventually withdraws, meaning he commits suicide. It's tragic, but there's an unbroken bond between them, even after death.

What makes it different is that this drama is not only entertaining but also discusses heavy topics like homophobia, domestic violence, and even suicide. Not only fantasy and reincarnation stories, but it also portrays complex reality. But what's cool is how they show healthy and realistic gay relationships. Not exaggerated, but issues like homophobia and its impact, especially suicide, are seriously discussed.

The actors' performances are also amazing, well, it's not surprising anymore, the main actor is Fluke Natouch, dramas like this are really his thing. But! whether it's from the main actors to the supporting actors, they're all total. There are some parts that are lacking, but overall, this drama successfully delivers messages about love, friendship, trauma, and family bond relationships, while also fighting discrimination and showing diversity in the relationships between its characters, this must be watched!

These seven BL dramas are just a small example of how creative media can be used to combat homophobia. By presenting relatable and touching stories, BL dramas can broaden perspectives and promote tolerance towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Let's together support and watch quality BL dramas, and spread messages of love and tolerance to the world. Remember, love is love, and everyone deserves to be loved and accepted for who they are.


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